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Are You Serious About The Guitar And Want To Learn The Fretboard?

An accomplished guitarist needs to work on many areas of his or her playing. There are many great guitar books, guitar videos and apps out there to help improve your ears, sight reading, song repertoire, knowledge of licks, etc.

One extremely important skill (the most important?) that is so often overlooked is how to visualise the guitar fretboard.

The Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique book teaches you how to visualise the fretboard and gives you tons of ideas that you will understand and be able to apply and remember.

With excellent resources such as YouTube, it is now easy to learn songs, techniques and new sounds in any style. The tricky part is understanding how these musical ideas are formed on the guitar fretboard so that they can be easily memorised and used in other musical situations.

There is no escaping the fact that a guitarist needs a secure knowledge of scales, arpeggios and chords, and understands how to use them.

Guitarists usually struggle when it comes to learning scales, arpeggios and chords efficiently and they often find musical results challenging to achieve.

Stop wasting years learning scale, chord, and arpeggio shapes parrot-fashion, and start to truly learn the fretboard.

It is actually a very easy instrument on which to generate all the scales, chords, and arpeggios once you understand how it all works.

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Learn The Fretboard
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Starting My Journey...

When I was a young guitarist working hard on improving my guitar playing, I bought many great guitar books that helped in my development.

The books would often show scale, arpeggio or chord diagrams, tell me to learn them and then show me lots of great musical examples.

My collection of books and other guitar learning material soon started to grow, giving me access to a ridiculous amount of musical information.

The hard part was learning the fingerings, although the only method of learning them seemed to be repetition.

I spent a few years trying to come up with easier ways to help learn all the scale, arpeggio and chord shapes on the guitar fretboard and eventually came up with the concepts that became the first edition of my guitar theory and technique book.

The Evolution of Guitar Theory And Technique

If you own an iPad, iPhone or a Mac, check out the second edition of The Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book and learn the guitar fretboard today!
The Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book
Available on Apple Books

The Guitar Theory And Technique Book

The original Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book was published in 2002 and received excellent reviews.

It has always been very satisfying when a new student who has purchased my book comes for private lessons and already has secure fretboard knowledge thanks to my book. The methods work!

Not long after the first edition of my book had become available, I wanted to refine The Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book and add new sections.

As I refined the techniques of generating patterns for scales, arpeggios and chords, this made the concepts even easier to understand and I created the second edition that became available on the iTunes store.

Reviews Posted On Apple Books

The only book you need.
Firstly I have purchased many books to help me understand guitar theory and this is by far the BEST student friendly theory book out there. I usually struggle with other books...

P Cutting

Finally, a guitar tutorial book that makes sense!
From beginning to end this book is set out with easy to understand terminology and diagrams that have helped me understand how every chord type is constructed...

P Rayfield

Brilliantly constructed tutorial
Knowing what note to play is what this book is all about claims the author and it is a well justified claim too. The pattern of learning is both logical and memorable, but best of...

Peter Strong

Really great book.
This book is well worth getting if you are serious about learning about how the notes on a fretboard relate to each other. The shape that he uses to show scales and modes...

Michael Franks

Best guitar tuition book I've ever read
I wasn't sure how useful a guitar tuition book would actually be but I was really surprised at how much I have learnt from this book. It's simple enough for anyone to follow...


Amazing, Wonderful book
This book gives you a great understanding of how the guitar's chords and scales are built up. It also gives a great explanation on how to do and make anything on the guitar.


    The Guitar Theory And Technique Subscription Site

    At the beginning of 2016, the second edition of my book had been available on the iTunes store for a while and many people had been asking if the book would be available in other formats.

    After a great deal of hard work, the result was my subscription site at guitartheoryandtechniquebook.com.

    Anybody could now learn how to easily generate all scales, arpeggios and chords on the guitar fretboard, as the book became available with a subscription to the site. In addition to being able to read my book as it would appear in iBooks, there were also supporting videos to explain all the sections in detail, and many extra videos showing different techniques and ideas that were regularly being added.

    Guitar Video Courses

    Stepping forward to 2020, I had been struggling for a while with efficient methods to organise the ever-growing library of content in the subscription area. I found it challenging to present the vast amount of material in a structured system. I had outgrown my site!

    I spent a great deal of time researching alternative platforms on which I could present my concepts to maximise learning to my students. I have now found the perfect platform and the final phase of The Paul Hill Guitar Theory And Technique Bool has begun. A growing collection of online guitar courses, including one free ear training course, are now available.

    Building on the successful concepts presented in my book and another 20 years of experience in teaching the concepts, the online course platform has provided the perfect solution to help guitarists learn the guitar fretboard. Save yourself years of struggling to learn guitar fretboard shapes and check out the online courses!

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