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Happy New Year – Let’s Make 2021 A Great Guitar Playing Year!

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Hello 2021

2020... what a year! Hopefully 2021 will return to normal at some point, especially bringing back regular gigs. As with all of my musician friends, I have been desperately missing playing live. I have managed to squeeze in a few gigs when rules have allowed it but for most of the year, gigs have been cancelled.

I have certainly been making good use of time and keeping myself busy with various projects from recording collaboration videos to teaching online and creating new and exciting guitar teaching products.

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Grab your free guitar lesson packs

Students have asked for transcriptions to the solos and bass lines played in my recent Youtube videos. You can now download a free lesson pack containing:
  • Solo transcription
  • Bass line transcription
  • Chord chart with chord diagram pdf
  • Backing track minus solo
  • Backing track minus bass line
  • Backing track minus chords
  • Full track
These packs are great little study pieces and will give you many new ideas to advance your guitar playing skills. Fill in your details below and I will send you a link to the "Blues In A" pack. You will also receive the "Blues In C" and "Blues Waltz" packs along with any future packs over the next few weeks.

My exciting new online video course

The subscription section of this site worked well for a long time, although as the amount of guitar tuition material increased, efficient organisation and presenting the material in a way in which I was happy became increasingly difficult. I had wanted to change the format for a while and the first covid-19 lockdown presented the perfect opportunity to begin the next chapter in the journey... online video courses!

I am so happy with how my first online video course - Mastering Chords And Chord Substitution - turned out. The online course platform has far exceeded my expectations and is the perfect platform on which to present the concepts that have been developing since the publication of my first book - The Paul Hill Guitar Theory And Technique Book. Not only does the course teach you the concepts allowing you to easily visualise your guitar fingerboard, it also walks you through a vast amount of practical examples that will help you turn the concepts into actual playing examples.

Online guitar tuition

My big project in the Summer of 2019 was to hardwire my study to the internet via burying cabling across my garden, specifically for the purpose of online guitar tuition. I am so glad I decided to undertake this project as teaching guitar in 2020 would have been near impossible once the covid-19 lockdowns were put into place.

Teaching guitar online was not new to me, although suddenly teaching all of my guitar students online was certainly unexpected. I spent a great deal of time figuring out how to use all my hardware and software tools to deliver online guitar lessons as efficiently as I could. The result? Online guitar tuition has worked so well that I plan to continue this way. When asking my students if they would like to continue with online guitar lessons, they have all requested to stay online, so my preparation work has obviously paid off.

If you are interested in having online guitar lessons, please contact me via the form below:

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    Have a great 2021!

    Bye for now and I hope this year is a good one for you. Don't forget to grab you free guitar lesson packs and I hope you find the free guitar lesson material helpful in your guitar playing journey.

    In addition to sending guitar lesson material via email, I also plan to write useful articles on this blog so hopefully I will see you back here soon.

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