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Major Site Problems

I hope you had a great Summer. My Summer has been amazing as this year, my family and I spent two weeks having fun in Disney, Orlando. What an amazing two weeks! It was even better than I could have possibly imagined. I would certainly love to return one day.

A few days after my return, I decided to get back into adding content to this site as I have many ideas for new content. To my horror, Most pages did not work! I presume that my site must have been hacked as I faced major problems the closer I looked into what had happened.

Facing the horror of having to try and resurrect my site which I could see was going to take a great deal of time (that I did not have!), I decided to contact my hosting company. Once again, the service from my hosting company has been exceptional and they restored my site to full working condition. The hosting company is called Tsohost and whenever I have faced problems, they have always dealt with anything I throw at them. Their customer support is truly amazing.

My previous hosting company was not good, with terrible support and lack of functionality for what I wanted to achieve. After much research, I decided to try Tsohost and was so glad that I did! Easy site migration (they do all the work!), daily site backups, all the tools I need, an easy to use interface and as mentioned, phenomenal customer service are just a few of the benefits of using Tsohost.

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New – Modules

There is a vast amount of content available in the member’s area of this site, which mainly consists of chapters from the Paul Hill Guitar Theory And Technique Book, videos and notation. The new modules section will be very helpful as it focuses and expands upon individual ideas. This will really help to incorporate the available content into your playing and help you to come up with your own ideas. Individual topics such as the new sight reading module will also be included in this section of the site.

To start things off, the first module focuses on the dominant pentatonic scale. If you are not familiar with this sound, you will certainly enjoy the new flavour that this easy to use sound has to offer. As always, links to the book are included so that you can learn to easily visualise this new scale in all keys, everywhere on your fingerboard.

That’s all the news for now. I mainly wanted to send out apologies for the temporary disruption in service. Hopefully that won’t be happening again soon!

See you in the member’s area!


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