16 - 18 Alternate Picking Workout And More Jazz Licks

Alternate Picking Workout And More Jazz Licks

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Alternate Picking Guitar Lick

The first of this week's guitar licks is an alternate picking lick in E minor. This alternate picking lick can be used for any style of guitar playing, so please experiment with this lick and come up with some variations of your own.

More guitar licks will be added later in the week, so be sure to check back if you can only currently see the alternate picking example.

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Guitar Alternate Picking Lick In E Minor

As mentioned previously, this alternate picking guitar lick can be used in any style. I decided to keep the guitar tone clean when playing this lick, although you should definitely try this one with an overdriven tone.

Definitely experiment with this guitar lick and mix up some of the melodic sequences to create your own melodic variations.

Minor ii v i Guitar Lick

Another ii v i jazz guitar lick to add to your repertoire. This is another guitar alternate picking workout which might give you a bit of a picking workout challenge as it crosses the guitar strings many times.

When playing jazz guitar especially, it is so important to study ii v i lines as the ii v i chord progression is very common when playing jazz music.

ii v i Guitar Lick In C Major

A big part of playing jazz guitar is effectively playing over ii v i progressions. Whereas the previous lick was in a minor key and is referred to as a minor ii v i, this jazz guitar lick is in a major key.

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