40 - 42 Augmented Guitar Lick And More Harmonic Minor Ideas

Augmented Guitar Lick And More Harmonic Minor Ideas

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Augmented Guitar Lick And Harmonic Minor

More harmonic minor scale and minor key fun this week. The augmented triad guitar lick coming later in the week fits into the harmonic minor scale nicely, so the augmented guitar lick will fit any time you are using the harmonic minor scale.

As with the diminished scale ideas presented last week, the augmented triad is also a symmetrical note grouping that repeats every four frets. The augmented scale repeats every four frets and the diminished scale, triad or seventh chord repeats every three frets. This makes augmented and diminished ideas extremely easy to create all over the guitar fingerboard.

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Harmonic Minor Scale Lick Over Dominant 7

This bouncy harmonic minor scale guitar lick is being played over a B7 chord. This lick sounds great when resolving to an Em chord, although in this example the B7 continues without resolving. This gives a modal, eastern sounding feel to the lick.

Chord Melody Ending

You can never have enough guitar endings. A drummer told me many years ago that the ending is the last thing people hear, so make sure you play something interesting.

This guitar idea is in the key of G minor, and would fit very nicely when playing a ballad in the key of G minor.

Augmented Lick

This augmented triad idea features chromaticism to make the humble augmented triad more interesting. This link can be used when playing the harmonic minor scale starting from Gb, Bb or D.

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