Beginner Guitar Lesson Series

Beginner Guitar Lesson Series On YouTube

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Beginner Guitar Lesson Series

If you have been searching for a beginner guitar lesson, this series of videos on YouTube will help you to learn the guitar basics that you need to know quickly.

When teaching beginners to play the guitar, there are certain things that every guitarist must know. Rather than continuing to teach the same things to students that have only just started to play, I thought it would be a great idea to upload a series of videos to YouTube, so that a student will have a good idea of the basics before I start to teach them. In this way, more complex material can be covered sooner.

The bonus of having these lessons on YouTube is that anybody can gain the benefits of this beginner guitar lesson series.

How To Learn Basic Guitar Chords

You may have arrived at this page from a link in the description of my second video in the series - How To Learn Basic Guitar Chords . The video shows you techniques to easily play, memorise and change between the 5 basic guitar chord shapes from which all other chord shapes can be generated. The shapes for these 5 chords are as follows:
C guitar chord shape
A guitar chord shape
E guitar chord shape

Would You Like More Free Guitar Resources?

I have some great little study packs, created a while ago, giving you practical examples for concepts learnt from Mastering Chords And Chord Substitution.
Free guitar lesson packs

Train Your Ears For Free!

Ear training is essential to every musician and I have a free ear training mini course available. This easy to use mini course uses simple concepts to easily train your your ears... for free!

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