61 - 63 Blues Licks With A Twist

Blues Licks With A Twist

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Blues Licks And Other Styles Too

A mix of ideas this week that you can use to spice up your blues guitar playing. Depending on the style of blues guitar you like to play, these licks might take a bit of working in, although they do create some interesting sounds.

Also experiment with these licks when playing other styles of music. Various techniques have been included in these blues licks, so they should inspire you to create some new sounds of your own.

What Makes A Good Blues Lick?

Depends who you ask! If you are sticking to a specific blues style, then one could argue that certain repertoire needs to be played to sound authentic. I love playing all styles of music as the guitar is such a diverse instrument, so I say that you shouldn't be afraid to mix things up and try new ideas. Be careful that you don't get kicked out of your local blues bar if you push things too far.

Whether you play blues, jazz, rock, or any style of music, you need to learn the repertoire and understand what you are doing. To help you to understand what is going on when learning these licks, my weekly newsletter breaks things down for you and explains what is happening.

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E Mixolydian Guitar Lick

This E7 blues lick will work great over a funk type vamp, pop tune, or anytime a static dominant 7th chord is used for an extended amount of time.

This guitar lick mixes in chromatic notes, whilst still clearly stating the E7 chord sound. Mix this guitar lick in with some other mixolydian and blues scale ideas to create even longer flowing blues ideas.

Blues Scale And Mixolydian

This lick really emphasises the flat 5 tension note contained within the E blues scale. Use this lick to create tension in your blues improvisation and create even more tension by repeating the legato ideas more times.

The lick eventually resolves to the E7 chord sound, although keeps the tension for a while before doing so. This lick is certainly a twist on conventional blues scale fingering.

C7 Lick Using 4ths

This guitar lick once again targets that b5 interval, although this time sticking to a more mixolydian based idea.

Chromatic passing notes are used once again to create interest in this intervallic blues lick. The lick clearly outlines the chord sound once again, this time a C7 chord.

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