49 - 51 Chord Melody Guitar Licks

Chord Melody Guitar Licks

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Various Chord Melody Guitar Lick Ideas

Chord melody guitar licks have been included in many of these weekly articles, although this week's guitar licks are all focused on playing chord melody.

What is chord melody? 

Chord melody is simply playing melodies using chords, so you take a melodic idea and add chords. Playing chord melody is especially important if you play solo guitar. Solo jazz guitar enables you to play many chord substitution ideas and allows you to be very creative in your guitar playing.

These ideas are not simply limited to jazz guitar, as the chord melody guitar licks can be used in many other styles. When playing solo acoustic guitar gigs, I try to cover as many styles as possible. I often think as a jazz player would when playing chord melody, although I try to incorporate this thinking into all styles of guitar playing.

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Open String Cascade Ending In C

Open string ideas create a nice open sound when playing chord melody. It can take a bit of thinking if you are not regularly using open strings creatively in your guitar playing, but thinking outside of the box can result in some great textures.

F Minor To F Major Chord Melody

This chord melody idea is a block chord approach using various chord voicings. The idea changes key from minor to major which is a great way to lift the mood of an arrangement.

Turnaround In F Guitar Lick

A turnaround is a way of taking the end of a song back to the beginning of the song. The last two bars of many songs are an excellent place to experiment with interesting turnaround guitar licks. Many chord melody possibilities can be used when playing turnarounds.

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