22 - 24 Chord Melody And Melodic Minor Scale

Chord Melody And Melodic Minor Scale

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Chord Melody Guitar Licks

My jazz quartet is very much looking forward to playing the first show of the year next Sunday, so newly created guitar licks and ideas have been in a jazz guitar style. I also have gigs with my acoustic duo and band gigs featuring new rock medleys coming up, so the licks might change direction over the next few weeks.

It is so much fun creating these vertical video guitar licks, so I hope you are getting new ideas from learning the licks. I am certainly coming up with many new ideas and I have many more licks than I had initially planned scheduled for release.

If you have subscribed to my newsletter, I hope you find the lick analysis helpful. Please feel free to reply or comment on the videos and let me know if you are enjoying these mini guitar lessons.

Also let me know what are your favourite guitar licks and ideas. Enjoying the chord melody ideas? Loving learning scale ideas such as the melodic minor scale or the harmonic scale? Unlocking new sounds such as the diminished scale? Please let me know your thoughts so I can learn which ideas are working best for you.

Close Interval Idea In A Minor

A close interval chord melody lick was included in last week's guitar lick videos, so here is another idea.

There is quite a bit of movement going on with this lick and the entire idea was created from independent voices moving. This is more of a pianistic way to think about chord melody.

Ending Lick In G

Ending licks are important as the ending is the last thing people hear. I was told this valuable piece of advice when I was very young and is has stuck with me.

This chord melody lick uses pedal tones to create a nice musical effect. Please excuse the rattly high E string. It sounds like my telecaster needs some guitar set up attention!

G Melodic Minor Scale Over C7

G melodic minor scale played over a C7 chord sounds great!

There are a few chromatic ideas and melodic jumps with this lick. Jumping strings will certainly help your alternate picking technique.

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