43 - 45 Chromatic Guitar Licks And Other Dominant 7th Ideas

Chromatic Guitar Licks And Other Dominant 7th Ideas

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Chromatic Guitar Licks

I like to think of playing chromatically as simply filling up the holes. Any note works over any chord if handled in the right way and these chromatic guitar licks should give you some inspiration to create chromatic ideas of your own.

The easiest place to start when trying to play chromatically is probably over dominant seventh chords. Many different scale types can be used over dominant seventh chords, especially when the dominant seventh chord is being used as a tension chord.

Virtually any note can be used over a functioning dominant seventh chord. A functioning dominant seventh chord is a chord that needs to resolve to another chord. Because of this, playing chromatically is relatively easy on functioning dominant seventh chords.

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C7 Lick With Chromatic Notes

This chromatic guitar lick will work over other chord types, although I think it sounds cool over a C7 chord. That was the sound I had in my head when I played the lick. Try the lick over other chords such as Gm7 and Em7b5. It's always good to recycle!

Chromatic Lick In F

More chromaticism with this chromatic guitar lick in F major.

This lick outlines an F major tonality pretty clearly, whilst incorporating chromatic ideas into the line. Quite a bit of fingerboard movement involved with this lick.

C Major Chromatic Triplet Guitar Lick

The 3rd of this week's trio of chromatic guitar licks.

This lick outlines a basic C major triad via chromaticism. The idea can be used with other chord types and is easy to use in many musical situations.

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