7 - 8 Classical Tremolo Lick

Classical Tremolo Lick And More

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Classical Tremolo Lick For You To Learn

A classical tremolo lick is the first guitar lick video uploaded in this week's vertical video guitar lessons. I am certainly enjoying this new video format and it is great fun coming up with ideas for these guitar licks. I have so many ideas for the vertical video guitar licks coming soon, so I hope you are enjoying learning the ideas.

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Classical Tremolo Lick

Classical tremolo technique should be played fingerstyle, although my relatively recent switch to using a thumb pick allows me to use a classical tremolo style as an improvisational tool and blend the style with my playing style.

Try applying classical tremolo technique when playing chord progressions. The technique doesn't have to be restricted to classical guitar!

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Diminished Scale Over Dominant 7

Lick number 8 uses the diminished scale to create tension over an A7 chord. A diminished scale is a great sound to use over a dominant 7 chord, although the tension needs to be released. This lick uses the diminished scale over the dominant 7 chord, then resolves when playing over the Dmaj7 chord.

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Beginner Guitar Lesson Series Video Added

If classical tremolo technique is too advanced as you are a beginner guitarist, fear not! I have added another video to my Beginner Guitar Lesson Series that covers common fingers and how to change chords efficiently. I will add more videos to this series soon so if you are at the beginning stages of learning to play the guitar, don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss new content.

Extra Free Guitar Resources For You

For more free guitar lick ideas with chord charts, notated guitar solos and bass lines, all with practice tracks, check out the free guitar study packs that I created a while ago. The chord examples will help give ideas to supplement my guitar chord course - Mastering Chords And Chord Substitution.
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Ear Training For Free!

Whether you are learning chord melody, rock guitar licks, jazz guitar licks, or anything musical, you need great ears. My free ear training mini course allows you to easily train your ears using simple concepts that work. No payment required, so take advantage of this totally free ear training mini course.

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