19 - 21 Close Interval Guitar Chords And Other Guitar Licks

Close Interval Guitar Chords And Other Guitar Licks

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More Jazz Guitar Licks

As mentioned in last week's blog post, I will be performing with my jazz quartet at the end of the month, so new guitar lick ideas tend to be in a jazz guitar style at the moment.

If you are not a jazz guitarist, fear not! No matter what style of guitar you play, it is always wise to learn new ideas in a variety of musical styles to strengthen your overall musicality. The close interval chord lick for example can be played in many musical situations. Adding a bit of guitar overdrive to these types of chords exaggerates the close interval effect and can be used to create very interesting musical textures.

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Close Interval Chords

Close intervals sound dissonant when played on their own. Combine close intervals with other notes and some beautiful sounding chords can be created.

This guitar lick is another ii v i jazz guitar lick. and it uses close interval guitar chords containing few notes. This guitar lick will work in many musical situations, not just when playing jazz guitar.

Harmonic Minor Scale Over 7th Chords

The harmonic minor scale sounds great over dominant 7th chords. This harmonic minor scale guitar lick works great in many styles of guitar playing and will sound especially good when playing steel string acoustic guitar.

Get that acoustic guitar out if you have one and give it try!

B Melodic Minor Scale Over E7

I love the melodic minor scale! Mode 4, lydian dominant, or whatever you choose to name this great melodic minor scale sound works in all styles of music. Give the lick a try the next time you are improvising over a dominant 7th chord.

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