34 - 36 Country Guitar Lick And More Turnaround Ideas

Another Country Guitar Lick And More Turnaround Ideas

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Another Country Guitar Lick

Country guitar licks are fun to learn, and this country guitar lick features more open string ideas. I should really add more country guitar licks as I generally use a telecaster when recording these guitar lick videos and a Fender Telecaster is the ideal guitar on which to play country licks.

A couple of fun turnaround licks have also been included this week. Turnaround licks are important to learn, understand and analyse as many songs use a turnaround in the last couple of bars.

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Country Guitar Open String Guitar Lick

This country guitar style lick uses open strings and chromatic ideas to outline an A7 chord.

You can obviously use this guitar lick when playing country music, but it will still work in other styles of music. Try using this country guitar lick over an A7 chord when you are next playing a blues progression for example. The open strings add a great texture, although they can be difficult to play cleanly.

Turnaround With Chromatic Passing Notes Guitar Lick

This guitar turnaround lick in A major was actually inspired by the song Tico Tico.

The overall lick bears no resemblance to the song, although one of the phrases in Tico Tico gave me the idea for the main melodic material in this particular guitar lick.

Turnaround Guitar Lick In C Major

This turnaround lick in C major users chromatic ideas and arpeggios to outline the chord sounds.

The lick ascends nicely along the guitar fingerboard and is a good study in using diatonic arpeggios taken from the melodic minor scale.

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