760- 78 Diminished Scale Guitar Licks

Diminished Scale Guitar Licks – Sequences 4, 5 and 6

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Diminished Scale Guitar Sequences Are Awesome

So the title says that diminished scale guitar sequences are awesome... why is this?

There are so many reasons why practising diminished scale sequences and licks is beneficial to your guitar playing.

  • Every interval is contained within the diminished scale.
  • Anything you play repeats every three frets.
  • You do not need many fingerings for total diminished scale domination.
  • Diminished scale fingerings are different to all major scale modes.
  • Diminished scale fingerings will prepare your left hand for the melodic minor scale.
  • Very cool sounds can be created with the diminished scale.

The downside... You will probably find it difficult to make musical sense out of the diminished scale when you start attempting to use the scale. It is very easy to play on your guitar fingerboard, although it will take a bit of work before you start playing anything musical with the scale.

What Is The Diminished Scale?

The diminished scale is a symmetrical scale that consists of alternating whole steps and half steps. There are two possible diminished scales; one starting with a whole step and one starting with a half step. The same fingering can be used for both versions of the diminished scale; simply play the scale one step higher or lower, depending on which version you need.

Everything contained within a diminished scale is repeated every three frets. This makes playing longer musical phrases easy as the same fingering can be used and moved to a different position on the guitar fingerboard. Simple!

Looking For More Diminished Scale Sequences?

If you would like even more diminished scale material to add to your repertoire of ideas, I have another diminished scale sequences blog post with guitar tablature for diminished scale sequences 1, 2 and 3.

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Diminished Scale Sequence 4

This diminished scale sequence is based on major triads that are contained within the diminished scale. An extra note is added to each major triad and this sequence makes good use of everything contained within the diminished scale repeating every three frets.

There are various ways to pick this lick. You could alternate pick every note, sweep pick the descending major triads, or combine a mixture of right-hand picking techniques. Experiment with picking techniques to suit how you decide to phrase the sequence and what type of sound you are trying to achieve.

Diminished Scale Sequence 5

This sequence once again makes use of the major triads contained within the diminished scale. This time, the triads are played in a different inversion to the previous lick.

Repeating any part of these diminished scale licks every three frets will allow you to play many more long, flowing diminished scale ideas. Be sure to experiment.

Diminished Scale Sequence 6

Once again, this diminished scale sequence repeats an idea in minor 3rd intervals (every three frets). This time, the sequence is based around major second intervals.

This is quite a long sequence and makes use of a large area of your guitar fingerboard. Alternate picking is probably your best approach in tackling this guitar lick, but feel free to experiment. This diminished scale lick will certainly give your picking hand a good workout!

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