37 - 39 Diminished Scale Sequences

Diminished Scale Sequences

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Diminished Scale Sequences

This week's guitar licks are all diminished scale sequences. Uploaded guitar licks are usually random, although there is a bit more consistency this week.

The diminished scale is an interesting scale to improvise with. On one hand, it is easy to learn as everything repeats every 3 frets, so a few diminished scale fingerings can be used to create many ideas. On the other hand, the diminished scale is difficult to improvise with as the intervals contained within the diminished scale create a great deal of tension when played over chords and the sound of the diminished scale will take time to figure out its melodic possibilities.

Many new ideas can be created by taking a diminished scale intervallic sequence, analysing the interval structure and applying the pattern to any other scale. All three of this week's diminished scale sequences can be used with any other scale and you will discover new intervallic melodic guitar licks.

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Want More Diminished Scale Sequences?

Update - diminished scale sequences 4, 5 and 6 have been added to a later blog post. If you are hungry for more lick ideas, check out Diminished Scale Guitar Licks – Sequences 4, 5 and 6.

Diminished Scale Sequence 1

This diminished scale sequence features minor 6th intervals and I have played this lick with my thumb pick and fingers. Alternating pick and fingers can be used to good effect and makes jumping across strings easier than when using only a guitar pick.

Diminished Scale Sequence 2

Diminished scale sequence number 2 comes from an idea that I often used when improvising with the diminished scale. This guitar lick uses major triads moved in minor 3rd intervals to create an interesting cascade of sound.

The basic major triad is a powerful improvisational tool and can be used in many interesting ways.

Diminished Scale Sequence 3

This is a more involved diminished scale idea which can be analysed in a few different ways.

I am playing this lick over a Db7 chord, although it will also work over E7, G7 and Bb7 chords. The thing I love about the diminished scale is that the same ideas can be used in so many different ways.

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