Ear Training For All Musicians

Free Ear Training Mini Course
Ear Training For All Musicians
In this free mini course, you can download audio files and learn how to use the free resources to easily train your ears.

Why Train Your Ears?

Ear training is essential for any musician. Without well-developed listening skills, a musician will be at a serious disadvantage.

Good ears will allow you to:

  • easily transcribe music
  • improvise efficiently
  • remember songs and build a large musical repertoire
  • jam with other musicians
  • play songs you have not played before by ear
  • compose music faster
  • sing in tune
  • gain a deeper understanding of the music you are listening to

Whether you are a guitarist or play any other instrument, ear training must be included as part of your practice routine. In fact, you should develop a habit of always ear training. Whenever you hear any music, you can use the time to train your ears further, if you understand the concepts.

Ear Training For Free!

There are many great resources available to help a musician train their ears - software, apps, courses, audio downloads, etc. When I was a young guitarist, I purchased many products that did help me to develop my listening skills, but I soon found that I could record my own audio files and use playlists to easily train my ears.

Once you understand what you need to learn, you can also train your ears by singing rather than spending lots of money on fancy products (you do not need to be a great singer!).

Download The Audio Files

The audio files available for download in this free mini course are the same as the audio files I recorded many years ago and were originally used on a CD. I have rerecorded the files for this course as the original files would sometimes not play as intended in modern software.

All you need to play the audio files is a software player that can create playlists with the ability to shuffle tracks. I use Apple Music, but any modern audio player will generally work fine.

Why An Ear Training Mini Course?

The original plan was to simply make the audio files available for download and include instructions on how to use them. As I included more instructions and Mastering Chords And Chord Substitution is already available as a course, I decided that a free mini course would be the most efficient method of presenting the material.

How Long Will It Take To Train My Ears?

Ears take a long time to develop. You will not simply work through this mini course once and magically be gifted with amazing listening skills. The mini-course is designed to give you the tools to train your ears, then it is up to you to regularly use the material to develop your skills.

The good news is that the concept of the course is simple. You simply need to regularly use the audio files and other ear training exercises included, letting your ears naturally develop. The sooner you begin, the sooner you will be able to make use of all the benefits great ears will give to you.

Just For Guitarists?

This free mini-course is suitable for all musicians. Sections of the course do include guitar diagrams with ideas on how to help guitarists visualise note relationships, although the main concepts are all about listening. The musical examples themselves are actually played on a piano.

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