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First came the book in print, then it became available in digital format on the iTunes store, supporting material via subscription soon followed, and now I am entering the next phase in the life of The Paul Hill Guitar Theory And Technique Book...

Online Guitar Video Courses!

You may have already read on the home page that online guitar courses will soon be available and that I have disabled new subscriptions to this site. Why the change?

There are so many videos and there is so much extra material available in the member area that organisation for efficient learning is becoming increasingly difficult. After a great deal of thought, I have realised that online courses will better serve learners and it is very exciting to be putting together this new format and being able to structure everything more efficiently.

Current subscribers are still able to access the member area so if you are a member, you can continue to master your guitar fretboard.

If you are interested in receiving notification of course publication, you can register your interest below. This mailing list is purely for my new course and you will not be bombarded with spam.

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Videos On YouTube

I am continuing to upload new videos to my YouTube channel and I have many ideas for new content which guitarists will find helpful. Recent video uploads have focused on various playing techniques and I will add more guitar lesson type material soon.

Recent YouTube Videos:

Videos On Facebook

As with many of my musician friends, I am desperately missing gigs and playing live. I therefore decided that I would upload a selection of my solo acoustic guitar arrangements to one of my Facebook pages.

Recent Facebook Videos:

I have a Coronavirus Lockdown video playlist on Facebook with more solo acoustic guitar arrangements to watch. I will be adding more videos to this playlist soon.

Coronavirus Lockdown Playlist

Guitar Tuition Online

Due to the Coronavirus Lockdown, all my guitar teaching is online until the situation improves.

I have taught online for quite some time and my big project last summer was to hard wire my studio to the internet specifically for teaching guitar students online. I am very glad I did this!

As I now teach all of my students online, I have refined the process and it is working extremely well. If you are interested in private tuition, I have more information on my teaching website.

Stay Safe Everyone!

We are certainly living through strange times at the moment. I sincerely hope that you are keeping well and that we can all get through the current coronavirus crisis safely.

Playing an instrument is a great way to keep the mind active and healthy during isolation, so if you are locked down, keep playing and use the time to become the best that you can be.

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