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Ear Training – Free Mini Course

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Want To Train Your Ears For Free?

I have recently created an ear training mini course using audio files that I recorded many years ago. These audio files helped me to easily train my ears and I have made them available for anybody to use... for free!

Information about the free mini course is available on the Ear Training For All Musicians page. My latest YouTube video explains more about the course. I have included a transcript of the video below if you would rather read than watch.

Mini Course Information On YouTube

Ear Training Audio Files - Video Transcript


You have just watched me testing my pitch recognition using files that you can download in my latest free ear training mini course. I will add a link to the course in the video description.

When I was young and first began playing guitar, I soon became obsessed with finding products that would help me to learn guitar playing skills efficiently. Training my ears was something that I always kept at the top of my ‘skills to develop’ to do list and I purchased many tools over the years that promised to help me achieve my goals.

I soon realised that I could record my own ear training tools to suit my level of experience and with the invention of recordable CDs, it was extremely easy to record audio examples and use the CD player’s shuffle function to test myself. As time went on and technology progressed, I could use software players on many different devices to continue my ear training journey and train my ears pretty much anywhere.

I have many different types of ear training audio files, although basic interval recognition is the fundamental skill that leads to recognising all sound combinations. My original audio files that were recorded many years ago would sometimes not play as intended in some software players, so I have rerecorded the audio examples for the mini course.

I originally intended to make the audio files available for download with a few simple ideas on how to use them. As I added more information, I figured that a mini course would be the best method of presenting the material, as I already have a course platform up and running.

The audio files have been an amazing tool for me and they have made a massive difference when it comes to developing my listening skills. It would be criminal for me to keep this excellent learning resource to myself, so I have made it available to everybody. The course is also totally free with no strings attached, so please take advantage of this excellent free tool. If you do decide to use the free mini course, I would very much appreciate you liking this video and subscribing to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already. Please also share the love and make other musicians aware of this free mini course.

What To Expect

Please do not expect to work though the mini course once and be magically gifted with super human listening abilities. Ears take a long time to train and you will need to be patient. If you ever feel that you are getting frustrated whilst using the concepts presented in the course, please try to remember that results will take time with any ear training tool.

The concept of the course is simple. Download the audio files. Add them to playlists to suit your current level of listening ability. Set the playlist to shuffle and regularly work on training your ears. It is easy to set the playlist to your current level of expertise and I have given instructions on how to do this in the course.

I play guitar, so the course includes tips on how to memorise intervals from a guitarist’s perspective. The course can be used for a musician who plays any instrument and the audio examples in the course are actually played on a piano.

Why Do I Need To Train My Ears?

There are 3 main areas that a guitarist needs to work if he or she is to play well.

  • Good ears
  • Fingerboard visualisation
  • Technique

You basically need to be able to hear what it is that you want to play, know where to play it on the guitar fingerboard and physically be able to play it. Many guitarists spend way too much time working on technique as this is the easiest area to develop. If you can’t hear what it is you want to play or you do not know where to play it on the guitar fingerboard, great technique is pretty pointless.

I sincerely hope that the free mini course inspires you to develop great listening abilities and I would love to know what you think of the course in the comments. I would also love to hear how you are progressing using this simple ear training system. As mentioned previously, if you did enjoy this video, please give it a like and hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on future free content.

Bye for now."

Start Training Your Ears Today!

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Ear Training For All Musicians

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I created a variety of free lesson packs a while ago. If you would like me to send you the free guitar lesson packs, enter your name and email address into the form below and I will send you some great little study packs including ideas for guitar solos, bass lines and chords, along with backing tracks to help you learn the parts.

The guitar lesson packs are great stand alone study aids. They also give practical examples for concepts learnt from Mastering Chords And Chord Substitution.

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