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Free Guitar Learning Resources

I have been uploading original guitar licks in many different styles to YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, featuring single-note guitar licks using many different scale types, chord melody licks and many other guitar stylistic ideas.

My blog will keep you up to date with the latest guitar licks but if you want to dive deeper, my weekly newsletter analyses the licks and breaks them down with tips and tricks to help you learn. It is like having free weekly guitar lessons delivered to your inbox!

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A while ago, I uploaded original guitar solos to my YouTube channel and played over backing tracks with bass lines, chord accompaniment and drums. Students asked me if the guitar tablature was available for the videos and I thought this was a great idea, so I created a bunch of guitar lesson study packs.

The guitar lesson study packs include guitar tablature and standard notation for the guitar solos, bass lines and chord diagrams for the chord accompaniment.

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