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This page contains only posts that include the guitar tab for my weekly guitar lick videos.

Want to dive deeper? Check out the 50 Guitar Licks courses that allow you to download an easy-to-navigate PDF document containing the 50 licks in each volume. Analysis of each lick is included with audio (including a count-in) played at various speeds.

The 50 Guitar Licks courses also include private community access to support your learning. If you do not understand a lick, your questions will be answered by me. You can also discuss ideas with me and other community members to help accelerate your learning and inspire your creativity.

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Guitar Tab

Featured image for “Guitar Legato And Tapping Technique”

Guitar Legato And Tapping Technique

Looking for some new fiery guitar legato and finger tapping licks? Get your left-hand and right-hand technique up to speed with these licks.
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Featured image for “Blues Guitar Licks”

Blues Guitar Licks

Want to learn some cool blues guitar licks? This post has you covered.
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Featured image for “Giant Steps Guitar Licks”

Giant Steps Guitar Licks

Analyse and practise Giant Steps guitar licks to boost your jazz guitar improvisation abilities.
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Featured image for “Finger Tapping Guitar Licks”

Finger Tapping Guitar Licks

Finger tapping is a fun and impressive guitar technique. These licks will give both your hands a workout.
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Featured image for “Guitar Chord Licks”

Guitar Chord Licks

These guitar chord licks will get you thinking about your guitar fretboard and will help you to create awesome new sounds.
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Featured image for “Advanced Sweep Picking Licks And Exercises”

Advanced Sweep Picking Licks And Exercises

Advanced sweep picking licks and exercises, including guitar tabs, to equip you with the tools for some impressive improvised guitar solos.
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Featured image for “Guitar Picking Techniques”

Guitar Picking Techniques

Want to take your playing to the next level? Check out these licks for mastering guitar picking techniques. Improve your speed, and accuracy today.
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Featured image for “Hybrid Picking Guitar Licks”

Hybrid Picking Guitar Licks

Check out these hybrid picking guitar licks – not just for country guitar. Give your pick-and-finger technique some new sounds.
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Featured image for “Blues Chord Progression – Pentatonic And Diminished Chords”

Blues Chord Progression – Pentatonic And Diminished Chords

The blues chord progression is essential for every guitarist to master. These pentatonic and diminished chord licks will give you new creative ideas.
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Featured image for “Altered Dominant Pentatonic Scales and Melodic Minor Scale”

Altered Dominant Pentatonic Scales and Melodic Minor Scale

Altered dominant chords can use pentatonic scales taken from the melodic minor scale. These licks will get you started.
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Guitar Tab

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