Looking Forward to 2017

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Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a successful 2017. I have managed to have a break and enjoy time with my family. Putting the guitar down for a while is a great way of finding inspiration and this year has been no exception. Picking up my guitar after a week of not playing resulted in many new ideas pouring out so I am now looking forward to getting back to it.

It’s Been A Difficult Year

2016 seems to have been a difficult year for most people. Not only has there been news of many talented, famous people leaving us this year, so many of my friends have suffered loss or have been dealing with difficult situations. There have been too many unexpected deaths in my family over the past two years, the most hurtful being my dad, Bryan Hill. My dad was such a big part of my life and his unexpected and sudden death from a stroke has been devastating.

I have no siblings and was single handedly been left with the task of emptying my parents’ house. The deadline was December and the months leading up to the date have been unbelievably difficult for many reasons. Due to the fact that I had to prioritise in getting this task completed by the deadline on top of my heavy workload, many other projects have needed to be put on hold, including video uploads to this site.

Extended Subscriptions

As I have been unable to upload videos to the site for the past couple of months, I have extended subscriptions for site members. I thought this would be the best solution to my lack of time rather than trying to half heartedly upload content just for the sake of it. Even though there has been no uploaded content for a while, I have still been working on material for future uploads and have a great deal of material and ideas for future uploads.

The difficult task of emptying my parents’ house is now complete and I am very excited about getting back to working on new videos and material for the site. I have so many ideas for material that will utilise the core concepts of my book to help guitarists.

That’s all for this blog post. I hope you enjoy the new content that I will be uploading and that it helps you even more with your guitar playing.

Happy New Year!


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Easier Payment Method and Other News

Paul Hill News

New Payment Option

This week, I have added the option to purchase a membership package or upgrade an existing package by making payment directly from the site. By clicking on the drop down box in any of the payment areas, a choice of “Credit / Debit Card” or “Paypal” can be chosen as the payment method.

Credit card payments

Secure Payments

Not only is an easier payment method now available, I have also added additional security by implementing SSL certification. SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

You can be assured of safe payments as the website address is now http://guitartheoryandtechniquebook.com (https rather than http). The padlock symbol is also present in the address bar to demonstrate the security of the site.

Padlock site address

Summer Practice!

Summer is here and what better way to make the most of your holiday time with some intense practice? If you are a teacher or student and are enjoying the Summer break, now is a great time to boost your guitar playing skills.

There are three packages available on this site. The best value package is the yearly membership, however the three month package is a great option for making the most of any Summer practice time. There is a massive amount of content in the member’s area that will keep your brain and fingers busy and improve your guitar playing.

The Latest Content

I am constantly adding content to the member’s area. Last week’s videos included many ideas including:

  • Open string cascades
  • Economy picked lines
  • Diatonic pentatonic scale units
  • Diad ideas
  • Blues licks
  • Harmonic minor 6ths
  • Chord ideas
  • Diatonic arpeggio ideas

The following example is taken from last week’s uploads added to my Youtube channel. If you want to be notified of any videos that are uploaded to YouTube, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Notation for this lick can be found on my Free Content page.

That is about all for this blog post apart from me wishing you a great Summer. If you are off on holiday, I hope you have a great time!

See you at a gig soon!


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Site Navigation and New Content

Paul Hill News


Firstly, I would like to welcome the new Guitar Theory and Technique subscribers. I hope you enjoy your stay and learn a great deal while you are here.

Navigating the Content

As the amount of content in the member’s area grows, navigating through the vast amount of material is a challenge. This week, I have added a page of links to the notation and videos, which will be a great help in finding the relevant information as required. I have also added a great deal of supplementary material consisting mainly of single note ideas to further explore the many theoretical concepts and techniques demonstrated in the videos and chapters in the Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book.

Whilst trying to find the most efficient methods of navigating through the content in the member’s area of this Guitar Theory and Technique site, I am always trying to keep in mind one of my main objectives which is to cross reference as much material as possible, so that all the different areas of study support each other. I feel that the ‘holistic’ approach of basing everything on the core principles presented in the book and always being able to understand whatever is being learnt results in a much better understanding of the instrument.

Latest Videos

Videos added this week include a sample solo over a Blues in Bb with theoretical breakdown and notation. This solo contains a challenging ecomomy picked, diminished scale idea that will give your fingers a workout. I have also added a video showing how to play over chord changes ranging from simple two or three chord songs up to more advanced chord progressions. Working through this guitar lesson will help your solos sound much more melodic as it demonstrates a method of how to think about the chord changes when improvising.

That is all for this post. See you in the member’s area!


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Free Guitar Content And Information About The Member’s Area

Paul Hill News

Free Guitar Licks

Last week, I added some sample videos and notation with tablature to the homepage and uploaded the videos to YouTube. I hope you enjoyed the ideas and have incorporated them into your repertoire. I will be adding more free content soon so stay posted!

Last Week’s Free Videos

The Member’s Area

If you have not yet registered and are thinking about subscribing to one of the packages, I thought it would be a good idea to explain more about what is on offer in the member’s area.

The videos are divided into categories including ‘The Basics’, ‘Generating Scale Patterns’, ‘Generating Chord Shapes’, ‘Licks and Ideas’, etc. The underlying concept of this entire site and of my book is to have a cohesive system to learning the guitar. All videos and and other content are cross referenced so that if, for example, you are watching a video in the ‘Licks and Ideas’ section, there will be links to other related videos, relevant chapters in the book and any notation that will be helpful. In this way, you will not simply be learning new material with no structure.

Member’s Area Screenshots

As you can see from the screenshots, the related content links are under the videos. These links open up the related content in new windows and help to give a ‘holistic’ approach to learning.

Any musical idea will relate to the core principals meaning that not only will the idea be understood and useable in other musical situations, the fundamental concepts will also become more solidly learnt, leading to a greater understanding.

Don’t Waste Your Practice Time!

Learning scales can be a waste of time if done in the wrong way. The point of playing any instrument is to create music and not to spend years learning unusable music theory.

The Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book teaches you how to think about the guitar fingerboard and doesn’t rely on ineffective parrot fashioned learning. This means that even if you don’t use a specific scale or chord type regularly, you will be able to work out how it is played when required. Traditional methods of trying to learn vast amounts of shapes will usually result in the less used shapes being forgotten.

Always Aim To Make Music

If you are learning a new scale type, chord, arpeggio, or any other theoretical idea, always remember that you are trying to make music. Try to resist from mindlessly running up and down scales as this is of no use when it comes to making music. If you concentrate on how the scale is played (tone production, clear sounding notes, dynamics, rhythm, etc) it will be learnt more efficiently and will become a musical tool rather than a pointless exercise.

I hope this post gives a clearer picture of what is available at guitartheoryandtechniquebook.com. If you decide to sign up or just want to enjoy the free guitar videos that will be coming up, I wish you all the best in your guitar playing.

Maybe see you at a gig soon!


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New Videos

Paul Hill News, Video

Licks and Ideas

I have been adding many new videos to the private member’s area over the past few weeks. Most sections of the Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book now have supporting videos and I have also been adding extra licks and ideas. The videos will always be related to the core concepts of my book which will both solidify the concepts in your mind and fingers along with giving a holistic approach to your guitar practice. As an example, two of the videos uploaded this week demonstrate how to construct walking bass lines, firstly over a ii v i progression, then over the popular jazz standard Autumn Leaves. Techniques from the video ‘Essential 3rd and 5th Shapes’ are used to generate the bass lines. Once the concepts are understood, further variations can be added by using ideas from other videos such as 7th Chord Inversions, Flat 5 Substitution, 7th Chord Vamps, Chord Substitution, the various altered chord ideas and that is not even touching on improvisation using the many scale and arpeggio ideas.

I have time set aside each week to record new videos and have many ideas for some great content. If you have purchased the yearly subscription option, you are in luck because over the next year, there will be a massive amount of material to help you reach your true potential as a guitarist.

Introductory Video

I took some time out of recording this week’s guitar tuition videos to record an introductory video. No guitar playing on this video, just me talking about the Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book and this website.

See You in the Member’s Area!

If you are already a member, I hope you are enjoying the experience so far and I look forward to uploading many more guitar videos for you soon. If you are not yet a member, you can subscribe here:

Register New Account

You have not created any membership levels yet

Choose Your Payment Method

If you have already purchased the Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book from the iTunes store, enter the last chord named in the Chord Substitution chapter as your discount code to receive £10 discount on the yearly membership.

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Welcome to the updated site

Paul Hill News

Videos Now Available!

The Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book has been available from the iTunes store for a while and I had planned to make the book available in other formats at some point. Video tuition is another area that I have been dabbling with for the past few years and these two areas have now fused together resulting in the latest update to this site.

By subscribing to this site, the Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book can be read as it looks in iBooks with videos to support all the concepts presented. I have set aside time each week to record new videos and have many ideas for future videos.

In addition to supporting concepts from the book, licks and ideas in all styles will be regularly added to the collection of videos. The emphasise will always be on understanding what you are playing so that anything learnt can be added to your vocabulary and available to use in a different context. Without understating what you are playing, licks and techniques are pretty useless as they cannot be used to their full potential.

Subscribe and Learn

Three subscription levels are available:

1 Month Membership – £9.99

3 Month Membership – £19.99

1 Year Membership – £59.99 – 1 Year: This is the best value package as new videos are constantly being added.

If you have already purchased the Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book from the iTunes store, enter the last chord named in the Chord Substitution chapter as your discount code to receive £10 discount on the yearly membership.

So what are you waiting for? Stop wasting years in learning scale, chord and arpeggio shapes parrot fashioned, and start to truly understand the guitar fingerboard. It is actually a very easy instrument on which to generate all the scales, chords and arpeggios once you understand how it all works.

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