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To play awesome guitar solos, you need a large repertoire of melodic ideas with a good understanding of what you are playing.

No matter what style of guitar you play, these 50 original guitar licks include analysis, tips and tricks for each lick so you can start using them right away and sound amazing.

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If you have played the guitar for many years and your guitar playing just doesn’t sound musical like those great guitarists you love listening to, you are about to change the way you sound for the better.

Read on to find out why…

Don’t Practise Scales

Really? From somebody who has spent most of his life perfecting how to help guitarist to unlock their fretboards and has courses and books dedicated to learning scales?

This is a paradox. Scales are one of the most important musical elements that any musician needs to master, although practising scales on a daily basis will not make you a great guitarist.

“But What About Your Guitar Scales Courses And Books?” I Hear You Ask

My guitar courses show you the quickest way to understand and generate scales, chords and arpeggios for yourself so you can get on with playing music. Once you have accomplished this, you then need to work on… music!

The only time you need to play scales ascending and descending is if an examiner asks you to do so. In a real-life musical situation, you play music, not scales.

“Stop learning exercises. Start learning music.”

50 Guitar Licks - Volume 1

Purchase 50 Guitar Licks - Volume 1

So What Should You Practise?

As I always tell my students, there are three main areas on which you need to work:

    • Good ears so you can hear what is going on in the music.
    • Good technique so you can physically play the guitar.
    • Good fretboard knowledge so you know where all the ‘stuff’ is on the guitar fretboard.

    50 Guitar Licks - Volume 1 will help you in all three of these areas as the lick analysis will allow you to understand how the musical ideas are working on your fretboard, which will also allow you to hear what is going on, and you will gain amazing technique.

      What Is Included?

      50 Guitar Licks - Volume 1 uses the first 50 of my Youtube #Shorts licks and includes:
      • 50 original guitar licks in many different guitar styles, using all the scale sounds you need.
      • pdf download of all licks in one handy document, which can be viewed on any device.
      • Learning support via the private community.
      • Clickable contents to quickly navigate to any lick.
      • Analysis of each lick so you understand what you are playing.
      • Audio for each lick.
      • Each lick is played at full and half speed, with further tempo adjustment available.
      • There is a count in for each lick at both speeds to help you play along.

      Much More Than Just A Guitar Licks Book

      Have you ever purchased a guitar book and not understood some ideas, wishing somebody would answer your questions and help you?

      As soon as you have purchased 50 Guitar Licks - Volume 1, you will automatically gain access to my support community, which is designed to:

      • Support you in your learning.
      • Give clarity to any areas of knowledge that are not fully understood.
      • Provide feedback to develop learning material to its full potential.
      • Enjoy discussing the guitar and music-related topics with other members to inspire ideas.

      Why am I providing this free service at such a ridiculously low price?

      The more help I can give you, the more my products are able to improve. Win-win!

      Will Learning These Guitar Licks Make Me An Awesome Guitarist?

      I have been playing all styles of music professionally for around 30 years and I have constantly been devoted to making myself the best guitarist and musician I can possibly be.

      Going through the process of recording and writing an analysis of these guitar licks has progressed my own guitar playing more than any other practice I have ever done in my life. If this process has helped me after all these years of dedicated guitar practice, imagine what it could do for your guitar playing.

      “Always analyse whatever you play, otherwise what you are learning is useless.”

      Unlock The Power

      With the power of understanding what you are playing, these licks can be transformed into countless more musical ideas. Even using a handful of the analytical ideas included with these original guitar licks, you will have the building blocks for unlimited creativity.

      The cost of the knowledge you will possess after working through these licks is insignificant compared to the cost of the time taken learning ideas with no direction.

      100% Money Back Guarantee

      Guitar Scales Guarantee

      Purchase 50 Guitar Licks - Volume 1 and you will be able to download all the licks in pdf format to your device. I offer a 30-day, 100% money back, no questions asked guarantee on all my products, so there is absolutely no risk to you.

      If you are unhappy with the product for any reason, you will be able to keep the downloaded pdf, so I am taking all the risk with your purchase, although I’m going to trust that you are not going to do that to me.

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