Guitar Scales - Master The Major Scale And Its Modes

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Master The Major Scale And Its Modes
In this guitar scales course, I will reveal how you can easily generate patterns for the major scale and its modes, to save years of learning guitar scale patterns. Not only will you master the major scale and its modes, you will also generate fingerings for all the possible arpeggios contained within the seven modes.

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How Many Guitar Scale Patterns?

Have you tried to learn guitar scale patterns from a book? Maybe you are working through a guitar exam syllabus and you are required to learn many new scale fingerings at every grade, or you just realise the importance of scales and understand that you need to know them.

Scales are the most important musical element you need to learn, although traditional methods of learning scales are very time-consuming and tedious. Constant repetition to try and learn scales is not efficient. There are so many possible fingerings that need to be learnt and it can take many years of study to become proficient.

Learning to generate scale patterns and learning scales is easy!

How I Remember Trying To Learn Guitar Scales

Classical guitar dominated my first few years of guitar playing. I then ventured into other areas of music and began playing in bands. I soon realised that if I was to truly master this instrument, I would need to know scales.

I purchased many books and other teaching materials to try and help me improve my guitar playing skills. Any scale books would usually show a diagram and expect me to learn the scale pattern, and then give me some cool ideas of how to use the scale. Learning the ideas was easy. How was I supposed to learn all these scale patterns!?!

I soon became obsessed with trying to find ways of learning guitar scales that didn't rely on constant repetition and parrot-fashion learning. I started to see mathematical patterns that could be turned into formulas and I could generate patterns for myself. This was a very exciting time!

The Guitar Scales Book

As time went on and I refined the scale formula, I began using the concepts when teaching guitar. I soon found that the concepts worked extremely well and students would always say something similar to "I wish I had known all this before. It would have saved so much time trying to learn all this stuff!".

The concepts made their way into my first printed book - The Paul Hill Guitar Theory And Technique Book. The book has been updated a few times throughout the years and the current version is digital only, available on Apple iBooks.

"Easily generate all the patterns you will ever need for the major scale, its modes and all the arpeggios contained within. Open your guitar playing world to countless new creative possibilities"

Guitar Scales - Master The Major Scale And Its Modes:

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Step Forward To Today

Following the launch of Mastering Chords And Chord Substitution, I am so excited to present my latest guitar scales course. Not only are the concepts contained within my book explained in an easy-to-follow video with diagrams approach, you can also play all the examples along with me at various tempos. The video speed can be easily adjusted to suit your current level of ability. Fancy a real challenge? Crank the tempo and work through the arpeggio sections for a great technique workout!

Not only will you cover any fingering you will ever need for the major scale and its modes, but understanding how to visualise and use all the arpeggios contained within the modes will give you so many creative possibilities. The examples will improve both your alternate picking and sweep picking skills.

What To Expect From The Course

By the end of this course, you will be able to easily generate patterns for the major scale and all its modes in any key, covering your entire fretboard. You will also be able to play all the arpeggios contained within any of the modes, in all the possible fingerings you will ever need.

I have been teaching guitar for around 30 years using the concepts presented in this course and the concepts work, so let’s get started…

Guitar Scales - Do I Really Need Them?

Guitarists sometimes say that they don't need to know scales as they play by ear. Good luck with that approach!

There are two sides to playing an instrument:

1. The artistic side - creativity and producing meaningful music.
2. The mathematical side - understanding how it all works.

To become an accomplished musician, attention must be given to both sides. Not understating how it all works will eventually have a very negative impact on your guitar playing.

Start Learning Today!

Over 30 years of positive results can't be wrong, so I hope you too can gain the benefits of learning how to easily visualise your guitar fretboard. It will truly save many years of pain trying to learn scales parrot-fashion.

Imagine being able to generate scale patterns for yourself without relying on memory.

Once you are able to visualise guitar scales, everything else becomes much easier as you are able to focus on actual music. The tedious task of trying to learn countless scale patterns will have been removed.

Some of the things you will gain when working through 'Guitar Scales - Master The Major Scale And Its Modes':

  • Learn how to easily generate scale patterns for the major scale and all its modes, covering the entire guitar fretboard.
  • Discover all the arpeggio possibilities contained within each mode.
  • Uncover how to use all the possible arpeggios, without having to think about how they are created.
  • Understand what modes actually are and how you can use them.
  • Play all the examples along with me at different speeds to give you challenging workouts.
  • Generate guitar scales so you can instantly create patterns that will never be forgotten.
  • Alternate picking and sweep picking play along challenges to keep your technique in check.
  • The system will eventually teach you all the note names on the guitar fingerboard.
  • Play-along examples are given in every key.
  • Confidence in knowing scales and arpeggios will help you to become a master improviser.
If all this course taught you was how to master the major scale and its modes, I'm sure you would be happy. Learning the patterns is easy and will take a short amount of time once you understand the basic concepts. Ready to take it to the next level? Work through the more challenging sections of this course and give yourself intense arpeggio workouts!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Guitar Scales Guarantee

I want to make sure this course will work for you. If for any reason you are not happy with the results, I will give you a full 30-day, money-back guarantee. Let me know if the course does not live up to your expectations and I will give you a full refund.

Just think how much more creative your guitar playing will be once you can visualise guitar scales and arpeggios covering your entire fretboard.

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