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Guitar Licks For Free!

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Guitar Licks For You To Learn

Learning guitar licks in many different styles will help you make great progress in your guitar playing.

My main focus when teaching and creating online guitar courses is to help guitarists understand what they are doing, so that they can gain maximum benefit from everything they play. Playing guitar without understanding what you are doing will severely hamper your progress.

Simply learning licks from guitar tab without analysing and understanding what is going on musically will not allow you to progress very far in your guitar playing, although you do still need to learn specific guitar content. It is important to find the balance between learning guitar repertoire and analysing what you play.

Music to me is a blend of maths (the understating) and art (expressing yourself). To help give you a larger repertoire of guitar material, I have decided to upload guitar licks and ideas in many styles using YouTube shorts, Instagram reels and TikTok (new to me), with guitar tab available here.

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A Country Guitar Lick To Begin

Initially, my plan is to upload two guitar licks videos per week as YouTube Shorts, to Instagram Reels and to TikTok. TikTok is completely new to me, so it will be interesting to see if guitar licks videos will be popular on this platform.

Guitar licks will be uploaded in a variety of styles (rock, jazz, blues, acoustic, chord melody, classical, etc.) to give guitar lick ideas to guitarists in all genres. No matter what style of guitar you enjoy playing, it is very important to learn a range of guitar styles.

The very first guitar lick is a country guitar idea.

Three String Guitar Chord Lick

Lick number 2 is a three string chord idea. A great deal of musical information can be communicated with guitar chords consisting of only three notes.

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More Free Guitar Resources

More guitar lick ideas can be learnt from a short series of guitar study packs I created a while ago. These guitar study packs give practical examples for concepts learnt from Mastering Chords And Chord Substitution.
More guitar licks with these free guitar lesson packs

Free Ear Training Mini Course!

Once you have learnt a large repertoire of guitar licks and you understand what you are playing, you also need great ears to transform yourself into a great guitarist. My free ear training mini course uses simple concepts to easily train your ears and the best part... it's totally free!

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