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Featured image for “Happy New Year – Let’s Make 2021 A Great Guitar Playing Year!”

Happy New Year – Let’s Make 2021 A Great Guitar Playing Year!

Now that 2020 is behind us, download free guitar lesson packs to help boost your guitar playing in 2021. Also check out my new guitar video course and the benefits of online guitar lessons.
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Exciting News!

First came the book in print, then it became available in digital format on the iTunes store, supporting material via subscription soon followed, and now I am entering the next phase in the life of The Paul Hill Guitar Theory And Technique Book… Online Courses!
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Featured image for “Happy New Year!”

Happy New Year!

It has been a busy December for me, with a variety of Christmas gigs. From a three and a half hour solo acoustic gig, playing nothing but Christmas songs, to playing in the band of a Christmas spectacular show, I played more Christmas music than ever in 2017.
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Featured image for “All Problems Now Resolved!”

All Problems Now Resolved!

I hope you had a great Summer. My Summer has been amazing as this year, my family and I spent two weeks having fun in Disney, Orlando. What an amazing two weeks! To my horror, this site was not working when I returned!
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Featured image for “Summer Developments”

Summer Developments

It has been a busy few months behind the scenes at Many improvements have been made ‘under the hood’ and as the site grows, changes have to be made to cope with the ever growing content in the member’s area.
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Featured image for “24 Hour Free Trial Now Available!”

24 Hour Free Trial Now Available!

If you have been considering purchasing one of the subscription packages, the great news is that there is now a 24 hour, free trial period built into each subscription level. Having a 24 hour free trial period gives you the chance to try the site risk free.
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Featured image for “New Videos, Improvisation Track And Other News”

New Videos, Improvisation Track And Other News

This year is off to a great start and my creative juices are flowing once again. So much new material has emerged over the past month, both for my own guitar playing, and for uploading to this site.
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Featured image for “Looking Forward to 2017”

Looking Forward to 2017

I hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to the new year. I have managed to have a break and enjoy time with my family. Putting the guitar down for a while is a great way of finding inspiration and this year has been no exception.
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Featured image for “Easier Payment Method and Other News”

Easier Payment Method and Other News

I have added the option to purchase a membership package or upgrade an existing package by making payment directly from the site. I have also added additional security by implementing SSL certification.
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Site Navigation and New Content

As the amount of content in the member’s area grows, navigating through the vast amount of material is a challenge. I have added a page of links to the notation and videos to help find the relevant information as required.
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