97 - 99 Guitar Sequences And Melodic Patterns

Guitar Sequences And Melodic Patterns

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Guitar Sequences For Various Scales

Guitar sequences are the building blocks of longer melodic ideas. It is so important to practise sequences and understand how they are formed. This knowledge can then be applied to any other scale, which will give you a massive amount of musical information from which you can improvise long, flowing lines.

This week's licks use various types of scale. Try applying the sequences to other scales and use them in your own solos.

How To Practise Sequences

The most important thing to remember when practising anything is that the end result is to create music. Sequences are mathematical patterns, so it is easy to forget about the many areas of music other than note choice - expression, tone, dynamics, etc.

Practise the sequences and dissect them so you are able to apply them to other scales. Then the fun begins! Play the sequences over tracks and embed them into your hands and ears, always listening and paying attention to the sound that is being produced. Experiment with phrasing the sequences in as many musical ways as you can think of.

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The Jigsaw Sequence Guitar Lick

I doubt you have ever heard of the jigsaw sequence. The name came from the idea looking a bit like a jigsaw in my mind.

Can you see what I mean? No problem if not, although crazy-sounding ideas are very helpful in remembering information. Sandwich shapes anyone?

Super Locrian Guitar Lick

The Super Locrian mode is also known by many other names - Altered scale, Pomeroy scale, Diminished Whole Tone Scale... it really doesn't matter what you call it. The scale is simply an F melodic minor scale being played over an E7 altered chord. Much easier to remember this and way more useful.

5 Note Harmonic Minor Sequence Lick

This lick is based on a 5-note melodic sequence using the harmonic minor scale, with an arpeggio inserted between the octaves.

This is a great alternate picking workout with a large amount of fretboard coverage. Use parts of this lick in your solos, or just plug in the entire lick. I will leave that choice with you.

Free Ear Training Course

Sequences are mathematical patterns that help in hearing musical information. This is one aspect of ear training. To easily train your ears for free, check out my free ear training mini-course.
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