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Featured image for “Sweep Picking Arpeggios”

Sweep Picking Arpeggios

Sweep picking arpeggios is one of the best ways to improve your sweep picking technique. Take your sweep picking up a level with these licks.
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Featured image for “Convert Sheet Music To Tab – Guitar Pro 8 Tutorial”

Convert Sheet Music To Tab – Guitar Pro 8 Tutorial

Want to easily convert sheet music to tab? Even if you cannot read one note of music, create guitar tab with playable fingerings using Guitar Pro 8.
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Featured image for “Playing Outside Guitar Licks”

Playing Outside Guitar Licks

When playing outside guitar licks, many great sounds can be created. Check out these different approaches to add any note to your guitar solos.
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Featured image for “C Major Scale Licks”

C Major Scale Licks

C major scale licks are one of the most important sounds you must know. These licks will make your C major scale ideas much more interesting.
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Featured image for “Dominant Chord Scale Choices”

Dominant Chord Scale Choices

These dominant chord scale choices include various melodic minor scales to create interesting-sounding guitar licks and ideas.
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Featured image for “Dorian Mode Guitar Licks”

Dorian Mode Guitar Licks

More Dorian mode guitar licks to give you inspiration for creating guitar solos full of inspiration and interest.
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Featured image for “Guitar Intervals To Widen Your Improvisation”

Guitar Intervals To Widen Your Improvisation

Guitar intervals, especially when using large jumps sound great, but can be difficult to play. These guitar licks will open up your intervallic ideas.
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Featured image for “Soloing Over Minor Chord Progressions”

Soloing Over Minor Chord Progressions

Soloing over minor chord progressions allows you to play many fun and creative sounds. Check out these guitar licks taken from my Tico Tico solo.
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Featured image for “Scale Patterns For Guitarists”

Scale Patterns For Guitarists

Scale patterns are essential to great improvised solos. Check out these sequences and arpeggio ideas to master advanced guitar techniques.
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Featured image for “Major Pentatonic Scale Licks”

Major Pentatonic Scale Licks

Check out these major pentatonic scale licks and add them to your repertoire. Not your standard, predictable fingerings here.
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