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All Guitar Theory And Technique Posts:

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Featured image for “What Is Guitar Pro?”

What Is Guitar Pro?

Every guitarist needs Guitar Pro! Let me show you how I use this awesome software and how you can use it too.
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Featured image for “Lydian Backing Track In All 12 Keys”

Lydian Backing Track In All 12 Keys

Master the Lydian mode with this backing track in all 12 keys. Scale diagrams and count-in to each key included for the ultimate scale workout!
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Featured image for “Guitar Pro 8 Command Palette”

Guitar Pro 8 Command Palette

Once you discover the power of the new command palette in Guitar Pro 8, you will wonder how you lived without it.
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Featured image for “Guitar Legato And Tapping Technique”

Guitar Legato And Tapping Technique

Looking for some new fiery guitar legato and finger tapping licks? Get your left-hand and right-hand technique up to speed with these licks.
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Featured image for “Blues Guitar Licks”

Blues Guitar Licks

Want to learn some cool blues guitar licks? This post has you covered.
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Featured image for “Working Out Major And Minor Key Signatures – A Simple Method For Guitarists”

Working Out Major And Minor Key Signatures – A Simple Method For Guitarists

Easily work out any major or minor key signature from a piece of music. Once you understand this method, you will never forget a key signature.
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Featured image for “Giant Steps Guitar Licks”

Giant Steps Guitar Licks

Analyse and practise Giant Steps guitar licks to boost your jazz guitar improvisation abilities.
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Featured image for “Finger Tapping Guitar Licks”

Finger Tapping Guitar Licks

Finger tapping is a fun and impressive guitar technique. These licks will give both your hands a workout.
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Featured image for “Guitar Chord Licks”

Guitar Chord Licks

These guitar chord licks will get you thinking about your guitar fretboard and will help you to create awesome new sounds.
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Featured image for “Guitar Pro 8 – Sync Audio Tracks With Your Tabs”

Guitar Pro 8 – Sync Audio Tracks With Your Tabs

Guitar Pro 8 allows you to sync audio tracks with your score. This guide will show you how to easily sync an audio track and use this powerful feature.
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