11 - 12 Harmonic Minor Scale Guitar Licks

Harmonic Minor Scale Guitar Licks

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Harmonic Minor Scale Guitar Licks

Merry Christmas! Harmonic minor scale guitar licks are not directly related to Christmas, although plenty of Christmas songs have chord progressions that give interesting harmonic and melodic possibilities. Embrace the harmonic minor scale and look for places you can utilise these sounds, whether playing Christmas songs or not.

You do need a good understanding of the major scale to help unlock the melodic possibilities of other scales such as the harmonic minor scale, although these licks will at least give you some new sounds with which you can experiment in your improvisation.

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Harmonic Minor Scale - Lick 11

The harmonic minor scale is great fun to experiment with when playing guitar. The exotic sound of this scale creates a strong melodic pull when playing over dominant 7th chords.

These types of licks also sound great when playing acoustic guitar, so be sure to experiment with the harmonic minor scale licks on a steel string acoustic guitar if you have access to one.

More licks will be on the way soon in all styles, using a variety of scale types and guitar chord voicings so you can add new ideas to your lick repertoire.

ii v i Jazz Guitar Lick

More harmonic minor scale fun with this minor ii v i guitar lick. This is such an important chord progression to learn, especially when playing jazz guitar. Having a few memorised licks under your fingers will really help when improvising over much of the jazz guitar repertoire.

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Chord Melody Lick

Another guitar licks video coming soon!

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