Ii V I Licks For Guitar

ii v i Licks For Guitar – Part 2

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ii v i Licks Part 2

Following last week's ii v i progression blog post, more ii v i licks have been uploaded this week. It has certainly been more of a jazz-style couple of weeks, although the ideas can also be used over any style of music if you understand the theory behind what is going on.

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ii v i Guitar Lick in Ab no.4

This ii v i lick features a modern-sounding approach using the sweep-picking technique to create a rapid, cascading sound.

If sweep-picking is not a technique that you use regularly, think of the right hand simply strumming the strings. Note separation is controlled by your left hand (or right hand if you are a left-handed guitarist).

This lick is quite a tricky example to play cleanly, so it will probably take a bit of practice before you are able to play this lick up to speed.

Chord substitution is used over the Eb7 chord to take the melody outside of the harmony.

Jazz Guitar Lick - ii v i In Ab No. 5

Standard jazz, bebop ideas and melodies have been used to create this lick.

The major scale has been used to create tension over the v7 chord rather than the usual candidates of the melodic minor scale, diminished scale, whole tone scale, etc. Very few books talk about using the major scale as a tool to create tension, although it works really well.

This lick is not too difficult to master and is played with a swing feel. Also, practise the lick using a straight feel as it can be used in many different musical situations.

ii v i Diminished Scale Guitar Lick

I have uploaded quite a few videos and blog posts that explore diminished scale patterns, the most recent being Diminished scale intervals.

This lick uses a short diminished scale idea over the v7 chord and resolves to the i chord.

When learning licks such as this example, it is a great idea to extend the diminished part of the lick and experiment by joining together various patterns, melodic sequences and other ideas.

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