3 - 4 Jazz Guitar Licks

Jazz Guitar Licks And Sweaty Hands

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Jazz Guitar Licks For You To Learn

Jazz guitar licks are the topic of this week's vertical video guitar lessons. As always, make sure you analyse what you are playing when learning any guitar licks or musical idea.

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Jazz Guitar Licks - Jazz Blues Style

Jazz guitar licks are fun to learn and analysing what is going on when playing these licks really helps with guitar fingerboard knowledge.

This lick is in a jazz blues style in the key of C and can be easily incorporated into standard jazz guitar repertoire.

If you are not a jazz guitar fan, not to worry! I have licks coming up in all styles of guitar playing (rock, jazz, blues, acoustic, chord melody, classical, etc.) for you to learn.

Charlie Parker Style Guitar Lick

Lick number 4 is a Charlie Parker inspired jazz line. I love Charlie Parker's playing and I spent many hours transcribing his ideas when I was younger.

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Sweaty Hands Breaking Guitar Strings?

How to stop breaking guitar strings from excessive hand sweat? This is a question I finally needed to answer as the sweat produced by my hands destroys guitar strings. In this week's YouTube video, I tell you the changes I made to stop my strings breaking and how I now change my guitar strings so much less frequently.

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