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Looking Forward to 2017

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Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a successful 2017. I have managed to have a break and enjoy time with my family. Putting the guitar down for a while is a great way of finding inspiration and this year has been no exception. Picking up my guitar after a week of not playing resulted in many new ideas pouring out so I am now looking forward to getting back to it.

It’s Been A Difficult Year

2016 seems to have been a difficult year for most people. Not only has there been news of many talented, famous people leaving us this year, so many of my friends have suffered loss or have been dealing with difficult situations. There have been too many unexpected deaths in my family over the past two years, the most hurtful being my dad, Bryan Hill. My dad was such a big part of my life and his unexpected and sudden death from a stroke has been devastating.

I have no siblings and was single handedly been left with the task of emptying my parents’ house. The deadline was December and the months leading up to the date have been unbelievably difficult for many reasons. Due to the fact that I had to prioritise in getting this task completed by the deadline on top of my heavy workload, many other projects have needed to be put on hold, including video uploads to this site.

Extended Subscriptions

As I have been unable to upload videos to the site for the past couple of months, I have extended subscriptions for site members. I thought this would be the best solution to my lack of time rather than trying to half heartedly upload content just for the sake of it. Even though there has been no uploaded content for a while, I have still been working on material for future uploads and have a great deal of material and ideas for future uploads.

The difficult task of emptying my parents’ house is now complete and I am very excited about getting back to working on new videos and material for the site. I have so many ideas for material that will utilise the core concepts of my book to help guitarists.

That’s all for this blog post. I hope you enjoy the new content that I will be uploading and that it helps you even more with your guitar playing.

Happy New Year!


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