Lydian Backing Track In All 12 Keys

Lydian Backing Track In All 12 Keys

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Lydian Backing Track In All 12 Keys For Guitarists

This Lydian backing track covers all 12 keys for the ultimate scale practice workout.

If you have already searched YouTube for a Lydian mode backing track, you have undoubtedly discovered some great jam tracks, although you will generally be practising in one key.

This backing track covers all 12 keys and I have included other helpful additions to develop your guitar playing.

Lydian Scale Diagrams Included

You need to learn scale patterns for all the modes, although even if you already know scale patterns for the Lydian mode, the included scale diagrams will allow you to see patterns you might not have thought of.

From stretchy chord shapes spanning multiple scale positions to running diatonic interval ideas horizontally along the fretboard, the onscreen scale diagrams will allow you to work on new sounds easily.

Although, You Need To Learn The Fretboard!

Some great ideas can be created using the Lydian mode scale diagrams, although you must learn the scale and not rely on the diagrams.

In addition to learning scale patterns on the guitar fretboard, you need to understand the sound of the Lydian mode and be able to visualise the scale intervals in all possible places on the neck.

Use The Count-In

Just before I published the Lydian backing track video, I had the idea to add a count-in for each key change.

Keep your eye on the bottom-right of the video and you will see which new key is coming next, followed by a count-in. This will allow you to practise smoothly changing keys. Time this correctly and you will be able to fluently over the entire track.

It's All About The #4

You can think of specific Lydian scale patterns or even just use basic major scale patterns played a perfect 5th above the root note of the Lydian mode. Either way, you need to understand and recognise the sound of the Lydian mode.

Compared to a major scale, the Lydian mode contains a raised 4th degree. If, for instance, you want to play A Lydian mode, think of A major scale and sharpen the 4th note of the scale (raise the D note to a D# note).

This sharpened 4th note is the interval that gives the Lydian mode its distinctive sound.

Need Help Learning The Lydian Mode?

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Ear Training For The Modes

Easily train your ears so you can identify and use the Lydian mode, or a mode of any scale.

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