Major Pentatonic Scale Fingertapping

Learn This Major Pentatonic Finger Tapping Lick

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Here is the guitar tablature for my YouTube video 'This Major Pentatonic Scale Guitar Lick Includes Fingertapping And Creates Many New Lick Ideas'. This lick is built on the legato idea from last week's video, which explains how this lick was created. The tab for last week's guitar video lesson is available here:

Back to the major pentatonic finger tapping lesson...

A Major Pentatonic Scale Finger Tapping Lick

Practice Tips

  • Loop each bar and practise at various tempos.
  • Use the sequence from each bar in other positions on your guitar fingerboard and on other pairs of strings.
  • Use a metronome - start slowly and gradually increase the tempo.
  • Use the ideas in your own guitar solos.
  • Be aware of the first note in each bar when playing the entire sequence.
  • Try and play along with the video.

The lick is broken up into individual bars and played at different tempos in the following video. When watching the video on YouTube, you can use the time stamps in the video description if you want to quickly jump to specific bars.

Can you play along with the video? That is your challenge!

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