31 - 33 Minor Scale Licks And Chord Ideas

Minor Scale Licks And Chord Ideas

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Minor Scale Guitar Licks

There are many types of minor scale. The three guitar licks featured in this weeks vertical videos are created from various minor scales. The melodic minor scale can be used to great effect over many different types of chord. I hope these guitar licks give you inspiration for creating your own ideas when improvising with minor scales.

Minor sounds can be created from modes of the major scale. If you would like an easy way to generate all the modes of the major scale and the arpeggios contained within these modes, be sure to check out my Master The Major Scale And Its Modes course. Click on the link above for more information.

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D Minor Guitar Lick With Expansion

A fun to play minor scale guitar lick that begins with close chromatic ideas and expands to feature string skipped arpeggio ideas. This will certainly help to improve your alternate picking.

You may also choose to deviate from alternate picking when playing the string skipped arpeggio idea.

C7 Melodic Minor Scale Guitar Lick

I love using the melodic minor scale over dominant seventh chords. There are many possible ways to use the melodic minor scale when improvising over dominant seventh chords. This idea uses a G melodic minor scale over a C7 chord.

E Minor Chord Idea

Another chord melody idea for this guitar lick. Single note lines are fun to play, although chord melody really helps to look at the guitar fingerboard in different ways and uncovers new ways of thinking when creating guitar licks.

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