13 - 15 New Guitar Licks For 2022

New Guitar Licks For 2022

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New Guitar Licks To Start The New Year

Happy New Year! Let's hope 2022 will be a great year and we can finally move away from global pandemics to focus on fun things like... learning new guitar licks.

I was very busy in December playing guitar in various Christmas shows. It is great to play a wide range of styles and I found myself once again playing a record number of Christmas songs in many formats from acoustic guitar to rooms full of people dancing the night away. Things are much quieter in January and I have some jazz gigs to look forward to.

A local jazz club is opening its doors once again for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic and I have been asked to play the first show with my jazz quartet. Because of this, I will be uploading more jazz type guitar licks over the next few weeks.

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D7 Mixolydian Guitar Lick - Lick 13

This lick can be used in many different styles of guitar playing. The lick mainly focuses on a D7 chord, although resolves to a G major chord at the end, using guitar octave shapes to finish the lick.

No matter what style of guitar you play (blues guitar, rock guitar, funk guitar, etc.), it is essential that you learn sounds to work over dominant 7th chords. The dominant 7th chord is one of the most important sounds when it comes to improvising on the guitar.

Michael Brecker Inspired Guitar Lick

I love the saxophone playing of Michael Brecker. I have transcribed quite a few Michael Brecker songs over the years and I revisited his music once again during lockdown. It is quite challenging to try and play many of Michael Brecker's lines on guitar as they require a bit of thought as to which guitar techniques to use so that the music can be presented even close to his phrasing.

This Michael Brecker type lick uses unison ideas and sweep picking to create a smooth sounding guitar lick over a G minor tonality.

ii v i Chord Melody Lick In C

Lick 15 is a chord melody lick inspired by Joe Pass. When I first started to play jazz gigs, I was known as a rock guitar player, so I found it difficult to break into the jazz scene. I therefore started playing solo fingerstyle jazz guitar and what better way to learn this art form than to study the master - Joe Pass.

Joe Pass had such an amazing feel when it comes to playing jazz guitar. I remember watching and studying videos of Joe Pass performing when I was a young guitarist. I would perform many of Joe Pass pieces in their entirety at my gigs when I first started playing solo jazz guitar gigs as my chord improvisation was not great at the time and these pieces would give me a good chunk of solo jazz guitar repertoire.

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