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New Guitar Videos

I have been adding many new guitar videos to the private member's area over the past few weeks. Most sections of the Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book now have supporting videos and I have also been adding extra licks and ideas. The videos will always be related to the core concepts of my book which will both solidify the concepts in your mind and fingers along with giving a holistic approach to your guitar practice. As an example, two of the videos uploaded this week demonstrate how to construct walking bass lines, firstly over a ii v i progression, then over the popular jazz standard Autumn Leaves. Techniques from the video 'Essential 3rd and 5th Shapes' are used to generate the bass lines. Once the concepts are understood, further variations can be added by using ideas from other videos such as 7th Chord Inversions, Flat 5 Substitution, 7th Chord Vamps, Chord Substitution, the various altered chord ideas and that is not even touching on improvisation using the many scale and arpeggio ideas.

I have time set aside each week to record new videos and have many ideas for some great content. If you have purchased the yearly subscription option, you are in luck because over the next year, there will be a massive amount of material to help you reach your true potential as a guitarist.

Introductory Video

I took some time out of recording this week's guitar tuition videos to record an introductory video. No guitar playing on this video, just me talking about the Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book and this website.

Unfortunately, these videos are no longer available due to moving to my new course platform. I have left the guitar tablature for anybody wishing to learn the guitar licks.

See You in the Member's Area!

If you are already a member, I hope you are enjoying the experience so far and I look forward to uploading many more guitar videos for you soon.

If you have already purchased the Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book from the iTunes store, enter the last chord named in the Chord Substitution chapter as your discount code to receive £10 discount on the yearly membership.

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