25 - 27 ii v i And Rhythm Changes Guitar Licks

ii v i And Rhythm Changes Guitar Licks

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Rhythm Changes Guitar Licks

Rhythm changes guitar licks are great to work out as this commonly played chord progression is the basis of many jazz standard songs. Splitting up rhythm changes into different sections is really helpful when it comes to learning how to navigate the chord progression.

Rhythm changes guitar licks are coming later in the week, so stay posted! To kick things off, another minor ii v i guitar lick is here for you to play. Although not specific to rhythm changes, this ii v i guitar lick, or parts of the lick, can still be used when improvising over the rhythm changes chord progression.

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ii v i Guitar Lick in A Minor

As mentioned above, this first guitar lick is not specific to rhythm changes, although parts of it can still be used to effectively improvise over the chord progression.

Split the guitar lick into smaller pieces and analyse what is being played. You should always do this with any guitar lick that you learn, or any music you learn. Analysing what you are playing is extremely important, and is one of the best ways to teach you new ideas and expand your guitar playing.

Rhythm Changes Guitar Lick - 1st 4 Bars

Rhythm changes is used to describe the chord progression based on the jazz standard I Got Rhythm. So many jazz tunes are based on rhythm changes. I love Charlie Parker, and many of his songs are based on rhythm changes.

When learning to improvise over rhythm changes, it is a very good idea to split the chord progression into separate parts, and work on these independently. This rhythm changes guitar lick focuses on the first four bars of the chord progression.

Rhythm Changes - 1st 4 Bars, With Chromatic Ideas

Another guitar lick that can be played over the 1st 4 bars of rhythm changes. This guitar lick takes a more chromatic approach when playing over the chord changes.

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