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Firstly, I would like to welcome the new Guitar Theory and Technique subscribers. I hope you enjoy your stay and learn a great deal while you are here.

Navigating the Content

As the amount of content in the member’s area grows, navigating through the vast amount of material is a challenge. This week, I have added a page of links to the notation and videos, which will be a great help in finding the relevant information as required. I have also added a great deal of supplementary material consisting mainly of single note ideas to further explore the many theoretical concepts and techniques demonstrated in the videos and chapters in the Paul Hill Guitar Theory and Technique Book.

Whilst trying to find the most efficient methods of navigating through the content in the member’s area of this Guitar Theory and Technique site, I am always trying to keep in mind one of my main objectives which is to cross reference as much material as possible, so that all the different areas of study support each other. I feel that the ‘holistic’ approach of basing everything on the core principles presented in the book and always being able to understand whatever is being learnt results in a much better understanding of the instrument.

Latest Videos

Videos added this week include a sample solo over a Blues in Bb with theoretical breakdown and notation. This solo contains a challenging ecomomy picked, diminished scale idea that will give your fingers a workout. I have also added a video showing how to play over chord changes ranging from simple two or three chord songs up to more advanced chord progressions. Working through this guitar lesson will help your solos sound much more melodic as it demonstrates a method of how to think about the chord changes when improvising.

That is all for this post. See you in the member’s area!


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