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Summer Developments

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A New Look

It has been a busy few months behind the scenes at You may have noticed that the home page and other areas have a different look. Many improvements have been made ‘under the hood’ and might not be immediately obvious but as the site grows, changes have to be made to cope with the ever growing content in the member’s area.

Sight Reading

There is already a vast amount of material to learn in the member’s area and I always try to think of new content that will be helpful to guitarists.

One big addition that is currently in development is a section dedicated to sight reading. As a guitarist, do you need to be able to sight read? Many great guitarists are not able to sight read and this has not held them back, however being able to sight read – even if only at a basic level – is a valuable skill that opens up more levels of understanding.

The guitar is a difficult instrument on which to sight read. One big hurdle to overcome in learning to sight read is understanding how the guitar fingerboard is laid out. This is where the concepts taught on this site and in my book can really help. Learning to sight read at the same time as learning to play the guitar can really slow down progress in both these areas. Using the fingerboard visualisation concepts taught on this site can really help to speed up the process of learning to sight read.

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There has always been a feedback form in the member’s area. I have now added a support page which is easier to find if you need help with anything. Along with help if you are unsure of specific concepts, it is also helpful to have feedback on what areas of the site you enjoy most, suggestions for videos, any mistakes that I might have missed or anything that you think could improve the site for yourself and other users.

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Telecaster Fun!

I recently purchased a 2017 Fender American Elite Telecaster and had some fun experimenting with ideas over a backing track from Coffee Break Grooves. I used a Marshall profile on my Kemper Profiler and was pleased with the tone achieved by my new toy!

That’s all for this blog post. Have a great Summer!


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