46 - 48 Tritone, Altered Scale And Outside Guitar Licks

Tritone, Altered Scale And Outside Guitar Licks

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Altered Scale And Other Tension Ideas

The altered scale is a specific mode of the melodic minor scale and it also has many other names (super locrian, pomeroy, diminished whole tone, etc.). The diminished half/whole scale and whole tone scale are another two scales that can be played over various altered chords.

In reality, pretty much any note can be played over an altered chord if the line has a clear direction and is a melodic statement. This week's guitar licks give examples of how an altered chord can be played over with various melodic ideas. The 'outside' lick moves in and out of the harmony, although the patterns provide logic and I like guitar licks using this type of idea.

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Tritone Intervallic Guitar Lick

This guitar lick begins with a series of tritone (b5) intervals played across the strings, using a sweep picking technique. If your sweep picking, or economy picking technique is reasonably proficient, you might not have a problem playing this guitar lick. It is a rather tricky idea to play cleanly.

Altered Chord Guitar Lick

This guitar lick mainly uses the altered scale, although the idea does not stick directly to one scale. It sounds quite cool though!

Outside Line Over F7

This is a longer guitar lick than many of the examples. It weaves in and out of the harmony, creating a tension and release effect. using various patterns that go outside the scale. I like using 'wrong notes' to create musical ideas. In reality, there is no such thing as a wrong note if it used in a musical way.

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