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New Videos, Improvisation Track And Other News

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Back To Work

After a difficult 2016, I am now able to fully concentrate on guitar playing. 2017 is off to a great start and my creative juices are flowing once again. So much new material has emerged over the past month, both for my own guitar playing, and for uploading to this site. New videos uploaded so far have included:

  • Pentatonic scale phrasing ideas
  • String bending
  • Diatonic chord inversions
  • Chord substitution
  • Finger Tapping
  • Melodic sequences
  • Open string ideas
  • Pedal tones

As you can see, there is a wide range of ideas to get your fingers and brain working on and as always, I try to link everything back to the core principals presented in my book. This gives a more cohesive system of learning and in understating what you are doing, any ideas learnt can be used in other playing situations.

Backing Track Improvisation

At the end of one recent video recording session, I decided to finish by recording an improvisation over a backing track, incorporating some of the ideas I had just recorded for the video lessons. I was happy with the light, delicate tone that my Strat and Kemper produced so uploaded the video to YouTube.

YouTube Video:

More videos will be added to my YouTube channel soon so if you enjoyed this video, please subscribe!

New Video Backdrop

If you have signed up to one of the paid subscription packages, you will have noticed that some of the recent videos now use a white backdrop. I am constantly evolving my video set up and recently installed a backdrop system that allows for a much quicker setup. I prefer the white background to the black background so future videos will be either white or another colour choice. Being able to set up my equipment quickly makes life much easier!

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